Minimalist DIY Cactus Foam Coaster Set

Minimalist DIY Cactus Foam Coaster Set

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Minimalist DIY Cactus Coasters are a set of coasters which when not in use, can be stacked up to make a cactus. The set comes with a holder that resembles a pot that has a narrow hole cut down the center that allows you to slot one of the green cactus coasters into it, from there you can attach all the other coasters building and arranging your cactus in endless creative compositions. Whether you leave your cactus fully assembled or neatly stacked inside its pot, it's the perfect gift or companion for your coffee table.


    1 x Set of 6 Cactus Leaf Coasters

    1 x Cactus Storage Pot

    1 x Cork Slotted Lid 


    Leaf Coasters Measurements: 9cm x 9cm

    Storage Pot Measurements: 11cm x 9cm

    Material: Plastic, Foam, Cork