Create Your Chopping Board (Over ¼ Engraving)

Create Your Chopping Board (Over ¼ Engraving)

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This is a listing for design over ¼ , which means that the size of the engraving details is larger than a quarter as compared to the board size. E.g. Full size design, center design, design in different placement, etc.




Uniquely designed chopping board can be a great memento for your friends and loved ones.


Do you have a design, wedding date, logo or original design you would like to get engraved?
Get your own design ideas engraved on a chopping board and it would make a special gift for you and your loved ones!
One side can be used as a cutting board, the other side a charming addition to any home decor.


Every cutting board comes with a Mint Home canvas gift bag along with a care card. 

Wood Type

    Beech Wood Measurement: 38cm(L) x 18cm(W) x 1.3cm(H) , Handle approx 9cm.

    Sapele Wood Measurement: 34cm(L) x 23cm(W) x 2cm(H), With juice groove indentations around board.


    Please allow slight variations in tone and grain of the wood from pictures on the listing.



    You can reach us at or WhatsApp us at +65 88081820 if you require further assistance.


    A digital preview will be provided for every board purchased. 


    Care Instructions HERE

    Natural wood chopping board in a humid environment may be prone to cracking and other problems due to natural material characteristics.

    To prevent such a situation, you can purchase wood treatment oil to prolongs the life of kitchen wood accessories and apply it when such a problem arises.