care tips

Hand wash ONLY with warm water & dishwashing liquid immediately after use.

Wipe dry with a clean dishtowel &

store in a dry area.

Clean after every use. 

Dry with a dry clean dish towel. 

AVOID sunlight and heat, store in cool dry places.

DISLIKES long bath.

DO NOT soak me!

AIR DRY & STORE UPRIGHT to allow both sides to breath, this prevents moisture from being trapped if placed on counter.

DISLIKES microwaves, ovens & dishwashing machines.

DO NOT place hot stuff on me!

Rub me with white mineral oil for extra shine

OR when I am looking dry & unpolished.


  1. Use a small drop & rub it on your board with a clean paper towel until absorbed

  2. Let it rest for one hour

  3. After one hour, buff in circular motion with clean paper towel until finish is smooth

Once awhile I love me some deep cleaning

with coarse salt & lemon.


  1. Dampen with warm wet cloth

  2. Sprinkle salt over cutting surface of board

  3. Cut lemon in half, place cut side on board, scrub salt and lemon juice into surface of board

  4. Let sit for five minutes, scrape & discard away liquid formed on top of board

  5. Wipe off any remaining residue using a clean, wet dish towel

  6. Leave board to air dry upright

Cutting on the engraved side will chip engraving over time.

We recommend cutting on the blank side of the board,

that way your engraving will always be kept Beautiful for display.


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