(AS-IS) Grey Cup Sleeve with Name

(AS-IS) Grey Cup Sleeve with Name

S$8.50 Regular Price
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What you see is what you get!


Product at a discounted price as some sleeves are with yellow patches due to printing imperfections and not all sleeves are in the same shade of grey.

All imperfection does not affect the usability.


Serves for all takeaway drinks, from a hot cup of coffee to a sweet cup of bubble tea. It is reusable, easy, and convenient to bring around as well!


    1 x Grey Cup Sleeve
    (Printed design as seen above with the selected name)

    Comes with an elastic band for a straw at the side
    Fits most bubble tea brand beverages
    Fits most tumblers

    Measurement: 8.2cm (Top opening) x 7.3cm (Bottom opening) x 8cm (Height)

    Material: Canvas fabric

    *Note: Please keep your cup sleeve dry before storing it*