Couple Wreath Personalised Mini Cheese Knives Set

Couple Wreath Personalised Mini Cheese Knives Set

SKU: CK002



This personalised cheese knives set would make a great complement to our cutting board!
The dainty size knives come with an oak handle with personalised minimalist initial engraving great for any couple!

4 different stainless steel blades are perfect for all your soft or hard cheese! 


The mini set comes with a cheese fork, a chisel knife, a spade knife, and a narrow plane knife.


Note: The price stated is only for a set of 4 knives, cheeseboard not included.


    1 x Cheese Fork
    (Hold a block of cheese in place while you cut or slice with a knife)

    1 x Chisel Knife
    (Cut, divide or serve soft cheese. You can also use this knife as a chisel and shave down on hard cheeses. Good for crumbly cheese like Roquefort)

    1 x Spade Knife
    (Perfect for cutting hard cheeses into wedges, sharp tip let you stab directly into cheese like Parmesan or Gouda)

    1 x Narrow Plane Knife
    (Useful for cutting many types of cheeses, from semi-firm cheeses to soft cheeses. Use this knife to spread soft cheeses on crackers too. Good for Cheddar & Brie)

    Measurement: Approx 12.5cm in length

    Packaging: Comes with black gift box

    Material: High-Quality Stainless Steel, Oak Wood


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